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Customised e-learning awareness courses for your company

Why Increase Your Skills? Why e-learning? Why interactive? – Why not employ traditional methods? Quite simply: because it is possible and we can do it! Topics such as data protection and information security can quickly appear to be both tedious and dry. However, thanks to Increase Your Skills' interactive e-learning awareness courses, this is a thing of the past. Through visual presentations, animations and gamification, our courses enable better absorption of information, complemented by the ability for participants to determine their own learning pace. Our awareness courses allow you to ensure a uniform knowledge base across your whole company.

To find out more about how our courses are made, click here. Continue reading to find out how these courses can be tailored to your organisation.

Building blocks on a whiteboard with customisable course elements

With Increase Your Skills, you can choose what suits you best from our existing range of courses. We offer courses on data protection and information security. In addition to the existing modules, we offer the possibility to book additional modules to address more specific topics (e.g. hash functions).


You can also customise the content of the courses. It is possible to add, modify or remove content. Examples of this would be links to internal pages, for example, downloading internal material or adding your own texts and graphics as slides.

It is also possible to customise the design of our courses to suit your company. We can integrate the courses into your corporate design and add your logo, adjust the colours of the boxes, change text, icons and buttons, to name a few examples. Pictures of your premises or buildings can also be inserted as background illustrations in the graphics and videos if the quality is suitable.

Even the animations of our courses can be customised. This includes the content of the text, the characters that accompany you through the course, or – as already described – the insertion of your premises or buildings.

Rebecca three times in the same situation, with different backgrounds and colours in the subtitles


Interactions such as interactive videos (making situational decisions), drag-and-drop (as a quiz), accordion/drop-down (information to be unfolded), cloze text (as a quiz), flip cards (similar to index cards) or knowledge checks (to test what you have learned in between) – to name just a few – can of course also be customised.

Illustrations of three different course interactions

Ultimately, you have the choice on which platform the course is run, on yours or ours.

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