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Expand Your Offer With Our Awareness Platform

Starting now, you‘ll get contracts from clients who want to equip their staff against cyber attacks. Because as an IYS partner, you’ll offer security awareness training and data protection sensitivity as a part of your portfolio – with no extra time or effort

Why You Should Partner up With IYS

Partnering with Increase Your Skills means additional data privacy and information security skills, more revenue and more profit – all without complicated rollout efforts. By adding our full-service awareness platform to your portfolio, you can get started right away and train your clientele on your own. Thanks to our informative awareness trainings and our phishing attack simulator, this is now even easier for you. At the same time, you maintain a constant overview of your campaigns.   

We've already helped over 350,000 municipal and corporate employees and staff protect themselves against cyberattacks, and now we'd like to help you do the same for your customers. When you partner with IYS, you have the option to choose from a variety of models so that your exact needs can be addressed. This is accompanied by fair contract terms, discount models and personal support from our support team. 

Join us and get started.

Recognize and Resolve Your Blind Spots


Human Vulnerability

The missteps employees make is now responsible for 9 out of 10 cyberattacks. This also compromises the security and the reputation of your clientele.


Full-Service Awareness

The IYS team trains staff on how to properly respond. Notin boring classrooms, but with simulated phishing, smishing and vishing attacks, as well as interactive e-learning courses. This drastically reduces the possibility of a social engineering attack taking place.

Using our Awareness Solution

Choose your model:


Recommend our products & receive a commission for the referral.

  • You receive access to our partner portal.
  • You send us interested parties and we do the rest.
  • You receive a referral commission when a contract is signed.
  • We protect your clients with our full-service awareness platform.

Offer our awareness solutions as part of your portfolio and sell them independently under your own name.

  • You receive access to our partner portal.
  • You are taught how to use our software through training content, sales material & a comprehensive onboarding process.
  • You receive your own instance of our multi-client capable platform.
  • We brand our platform to fit your corporate identity.
  • You manage your clientele independently.

Your Perks as an IYS Partner


Adapted For Various Industries

Do you serve public sector clients or do you have special requirements? We have the right package for you.


Retain Customers

You’re welcome to use our services as a white-label solution. We’ll design our portal and the reports for your clients using your corporate branding.


Ready To Go

You can use our portal without any complex implementation. We’ll show you how. Your contact person will help you with any questions.


100% GDPR Compliant

We only work with German data centres with no third-party exports.


ISO 27001 Certified Retain Customers

Your data is processed in BSI C5 and ISO 27001 certified data centres in Germany, and, as a German provider, we do not process data in third-party countries. Therefore, our solution is fully GDPR compliant.

Free Live Demonstration

Mick Zander

Mick Zander
Senior Account Executive

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