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Your Contacts

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The Increase Your Skills Team

Our small but growing team means that we operate with a highly collaborative approach and ensure each team member is fully supported to grow within their role.

We are constantly striving for excellence to ensure that all of our customers receive the best experience possible.

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to develop professionally and build successful partnerships.

Hannes Hartung

Hannes Hartung | Co-Founder & co-CEO

Carolin Andree

Carolin Andree | Co-Founder & co-CEO

Aramís Concepción Durán

Aramís Concepción Durán | IT Team Leader

Ramón Heberlein

Ramón Heberlein | Personnel Manager & Accountant

Wilson Vanegas

Wilson Vanegas | Web Developer

Jascha Intrup

Jascha Intrup | Animation Designer

Mick Zander

Mick Zander | Communications Manager

Nicolai Oberthür

Nicolai Oberthür | Software Developer

Alena Ageeva

Alena Ageeva | Media Content Designer

Tomas Edwards

Tomas Edwards | Senior Language Specialist

André Hechenberger

André Hechenberger | Sales Assistant

Jennifer Winkler

Jennifer Winkler | Sales Assistant

Lisa Wossal

Lisa Wossal | Sales Assistant

Simon Wilhelm

Simon Wilhelm | Working Student Software Development

Veronika Dornieden

Veronika Dornieden | Media Content Designer