Cloud Services Poster

Unlimited storage space, access to data from anywhere and by multiple people at the same time - these are just some of the advantages that cloud services bring. It's impossible to make a blanket statement about how secure your data is on external servers. However, you can protect yourself from attacks on your data with a few rules.


Working Securely in the Cloud

With the onset of the Corona pandemic and the resulting increase in remote working conditions, the use of cloud storage services has also increased. Storing your own data on an online server offers several advantages at once: data access from anywhere, hassle-free collaboration on different projects, or easy upgrades to storage capacity. However, as is the case with everything that is out of your own hands, you are exposed to various risks. For example, cybercriminals can exploit any security vulnerabilities of the providers and, in the worst case, steal data. Another target is cloud users who have themselves been the victim of a cyberattack, for example if their username and password have been obtained through social engineering attacks. We have put together an infographic with tips and tricks on how to work carefully with cloud services and what you can do to prevent your company's data from being compromised.