Cybergrooming Poster

A seemingly innocuous chat on a messenger app or social media can disguise a hidden threat to children. Use our poster to learn how to recognise the warning signs of cybergrooming and help protect children and younger people.


Cybergrooming – Recognising the Signs to Help Protect Children

Every day, children and young people become victims of sexual abuse online. During the Corona pandemic, police crime statistics in Germany recorded a considerable increase in cases. Europol even confirmed a Europe-wide rise in using and exchanging abuse images of around 30% during the first lockdown. This does not account for the number of unreported cases, which is expected to be much higher. Only a few instances are reported to the police due to the strong sense of shame associated with this difficult topic. A comprehensive understanding and awareness of this topic are paramount to protecting children. This is necessary not only for children but also for parents, teachers and other people in positions of trust. We have designed a poster showing giving you tips on spotting the warning signs and how you can take steps to protect your children from cybergrooming. You can use this to inform yourself or as teaching material.