Deepfake Ebook

Would you like to know what machine learning technology is all about, what benefits it brings and how cybercriminals take advantage of it? Then download our ebook.


Deepfake E-Book Deepfake E-Book

Identity Theft Using AI

Let's be honest, most of us have uploaded a picture of ourselves to some app to see what we'll look like in 30 years or with a different gender identity. This kind of image manipulation is called a deepfake. And although this example sounds quite harmless, it's important to know the dangers that come with it as well. The fake images, videos or audio content can fool even the most experienced security experts. In the past, cybercriminals have often tried to deceive entire nations with the help of machine learning technology. But how are these authentic imitations created and how can they be detected? Find out everything you need to know about deepfakes, the impact artificial intelligence can have on our future, and the positive effects it can have in our freely available ebook.

Deepfake E-Book