Doxing Ebook

Collecting freely available data makes it possible for cyberattackers to extort victims or compromise their reputations. Our ebook will teach you how to prevent such attacks.


Preventing doxing attacks

Social engineering attacks can take place in many ways. Even the data you voluntarily disclose online can become a threat - we're talking about doxing.

Doxing is derived from the term "dropping dox," where dox is another word for documents, referring to the collecting and publishing of personal data. The attackers primarily want to damage the victim's reputation, extort them, or simply harass them. Once the personal information is spread around the Internet, the hounding and humiliation of the victim can begin.

This cyberattack can affect you both privately and in your work life. Therefore, it is important to know how to pre-emptively protect yourself against such an attack and what you can do in case of an emergency. If your security awareness level is up to date, you'll be well prepared for the fight against cybercrime. Our ebook provides you with valuable tips on how to avoid damages to your personal privacy.

Doxing E-Book