Types of Hackers Poster

Many negative connotations are associated with the term “hacker” or “hacking”. We often think of someone who aims to cause damage, extract money, or get revenge by illegally infiltrating systems. But is this always the case? Our poster helps raise awareness of the different types of hackers that exist.


What Different Types of Hackers Exist?

What comes to mind when you think of the terms “hacking” or “hackers”? Often, these terms tend to conjure images of cybercriminals clandestinely committing illegal acts against companies, governments or individuals in the pursuit of financial gain, reputational damage or system disruption. It is often the case that our ideas about hackers and hacking are generally developed from what we see on television or in the media. That might include hackers spying on government agencies, disrupting websites through targeted attacks, or holding company data to ransom through ransomware attacks. But is this the complete picture? The answer is no. In truth, there exists a spectrum of different types of hackers with their own objectives and motivations.

Our helpful poster will help raise your awareness of some of the different types of hackers that exist; the good, the evil and those who blur the line in between.