The digitalisation of processes and information is on the rise. But while this can be beneficial, it also comes with some side effects - cybercriminals are becoming more aggressive, gaps in security are being detected and exploited more frequently, and technologies are growing more sophisticated.

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Having a good awareness of information security and data protection is incredibly important in protecting yourself from cyberattacks. This includes not only strong passwords and online data minimisation but also an awareness of more modern threats and risks such as doxing, Ransomware as a Service or IoT technologies, for example. Because one thing is certain – the weakest point in the information security chain is and remains the human being.

There are many ways to take preventive action: further training, education, and individual safeguarding. With our free downloadable information, our goal is to help you achieve a better level of security before it's too late. So feel free to browse our resources - knowledgeable tips, tricks & measures to protect yourself as well as educational information on various cybersecurity topics await you.